On the 4th of November I had the chance to attend the UX Workshop “Website Persuasion“. The Workshop was organised by Karen Lindeman, founder of Netflow. The speaker was Arno Bublitz, founder of Pragmatic Experts.
Arno Bublitz did a good job. It was interesting and made fun.

The workshop

The workshop was divided into 6 parts:

  1. Basic principles of Neuropsychology
  2. Trust
  3. Social elements
  4. Boosters & blockades
  5. Room for decision
  6. Handling objections & account methods

For nearly every part Arno Bublitz prepared some exercises. This was very helpful, because you could directly learn how to use the theory.
Most of the theory I already knew because I’ve already read the books Neuro Web Design by Susan M. Weinschenk and Persuasive Technology by B.J. Fogg.
I think both books are a good base for Persuasive Design. Furthermore Arno Bublitz mentioned two other books, Nudge by Richard H. Thaler and Spent by Geoffrey Miller.
After all it wasn’t bad that I already knew most of the theory. I think to internalize the theory with exercises is the main purpose of a workshop. And this is what Arno Bublitz achieved.


I can’t end this article without mentioning the good organisation by Karen Lindemann. The location, drinks and food were very good. There was enough time to talk with other attendees in the breaks. Everybody got his own documentation of the workshop.


I can just approve the UX Workshops by Karen Lindemann. It was such a pleasure. Normally the workshops take place every year, but it depends on the request. You can find the workshop dates and topics on this site: http://uxworkshops.com/

UX Workshop Hamburg: Website Persuasion

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Manuel Ressel is Conversion Designer at Web Arts AG, Germany. Raising customer's emotion on e-commerce sites is his passion.


  1. Thanks for the good review. I am more than glad that you liked the workshop ;-)

  2. I totally aggree: the workshop was superb.

    Concerning the readings, I would recommend another book: “Influence” by Cialdini. It’s about persuasion techniques that sales persons have employed even in the day before the internet and how they psychologically work. It is a good background for the other more modern books, it is well written in easy wording (you can read in one day straight) and, in my opinion, it brings accross how you might employ the social-cultural conventions and habits of people for your own advantage.

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