It was the first Design for Conversion in Germany and it was a good event.
The concept of DfC is quite nice. You have nice speakers and between you work with other attendees on real cases. It is exciting to work with foreign people on cases and try to solve a problem together.


First we get to know about persuasive design by Kath Straub – Chief Scientist for Human Factors International. After the first practical session Peter van der Putten – Worldwide Director Decisioning Solutions at Pegasystems – showed us how to become more authentic. The more people talks to customers the more difficult it is to be authentic.
The third speaker Nicolas Mohr – Consultant at SapientNitro – explained us how to use analytics right and don’t just use it as a better counter. The higher complexity of analytics the higher is the business value. But to compare A/B Tests with sandpaper isn’t correct I think. You can find out much more than just details. You can also use it to test completely different designs and to find out how your users tick.
At least Paul Hughes impressed us with his brilliant presentation style to draw live while he talks about design thinking. I had already the pleasure to hear him at the 2nd DfC in Amsterdam. Also there was some repetition for me, it was a pleasure to hear him again.


The organisation was good. The location was really nice and had a nice atmosphere. The choice for the speakers was good and all in all it was a nice event.
There are just two small points of critique. The sound system wasn’t that good. So it was sometimes hard to follow the speakers. And to sit on an ale-bench isn’t that comfortable. ;)


As I already said Design for Conversion Cologne was a great conference. But at the end the connection to “converting visitors into customers” was not as visible as at the 2nd Design for Conversion in Amsterdam.
But the concept is so interesting and it is exciting to work with other people on a real case, so that I can just advise everybody to visit the next DfC.

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