The countdown is on… Two days left and Europe’s first Conversion Optimization Conference starts in Frankfurt, Germany. I’m so excited to be a part of it and looking forward to a glory day.
Well-known speaker like Raquel Hirsch (President & Co-Founder WiderFunnel Inc.), Patricia Hader (Senior Marketing Manager Intel Corp.), Stephen Pavlovich (CEO & Founder Conversion Factory), James Kalbach (UX Consultant LexisNexis) or John Ekman (CEO Conversionista!) will attend the Conversion Camp and share their knowledge.

The Conference has a main arena with a straight agenda, a lounge where visitors can present in open sessions and a bistro for deeper discussions with speakers.
The agenda is seperated into five parts – Trends, Case Studies, Know-how, Neuromarketing and IA / Design. I think the concept of the conference and good speakers implies that it can be a really good conference. But we’ll see.
On 5.20 pm it’s my turn to show the crowd the power of Conversion Design. I’ll present an inspiration round-up how to drive conversion rate to the next level with design.

If I find time, I’ll tweet about the event, so be sure to follow me on twitter. The Hashtag for the event is #cc10.
I think you can also get a review here on the blog after the event. So stay tuned!

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Manuel Ressel is Conversion Designer at Web Arts AG, Germany. Raising customer's emotion on e-commerce sites is his passion.