Wow! What a day! When I think back to the Conversion Camp 2010 I’m still speachless.
The speakers were great, the organisation was accurate and professional and the audience was motivated.
Overall it was a successful day.


In the first session Raquel Hirsch showed us the pitfalls of CRO and why you need a passion for it and why you always have to test. Sometimes you need an emotional hero shot and sometimes it distracts the user.
Steven Pavlovich explained us why to make an A/A-Test and Joachim Graf clarified that the Conversion Rate is no pissing contest but a benchmark how much potential an ECommerce site has. At the end of the session we could see a case study by Patricia Hader from Intel.

In the second session we could see more cases about CRO, conversion directed design, client blogs and conversion optimized text by Claus Eulgem, Patrick Schneider, Thorsten Wilhem / Elske Ludewig and Heike Häfele.

The third session was about advanced Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics by Kai Radanitsch, Frank Reese, Gabriel Beck and Stefanie Rätz. Gabriel Beck’s presentation about “How to unmask Conversion Rate killers” was one of the best of the day with good feedback on twitter.

The fourth session was one of the most fascinating sessions about Neuromarketing. Group Nymphenburg, Matthias Henrici and Dr. Jan Herstell showed us some insights in our brain.

The subject of the last session was IA, Design and CRO. The session was started by a really good presentation by John Ekman about mistakes in email marketing. After that James Kalbach told us how we should interact with consumers. Then I showed some inspirationial shops before Jos Meijerhof closed the conference with his advice that Landing Page Optimisation isn’t always the right solution.


The Organisation was very good. Nearly everything worked well. Wireless Lan was fast, food was one of the best ever eaten at a conference, there was always enough to drink and eat so you can feel very comfortable and the location was very nice with enough room to deepen discussions.
Just a few presentations overruned time so that the last panel of experts didn’t take place.
Thanks to André Morys and his team for the great event and the chance to speak on this event.


The Audience was nice. I met some nice new people or some people I just knew from twitter.
#cc10 was number two topic on the Twitter Trends for Germany and nearly got an Swarm Badge on Foursquare.


The Conversion Camp was a really good Conference and I know what I’ll do on the 1st and 2nd of September 2011. ;)

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Conversion Camp 2010 Recap

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Manuel Ressel is Conversion Designer at Web Arts AG, Germany. Raising customer's emotion on e-commerce sites is his passion.