“The silent cries of conversion – 11 Conversion Killer and how to avoid them” is a german ebook. You can download it for free on the german blog “Konversionskraft”:
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What’s it about?

If you know the eleven biggest Conversion Killer on Landingpages, you can boost efficiently your conversionrate according to the Pareto principle. In this ebook these eleven Conversion Killers are described and substantiated with case studies, screenshots, user tests and eye-tracking studies.


  1. No reference to advertising
  2. Homepage as landingpage
  3. No originator
  4. No clear Call-to-Action
  5. No visible selling propositions
  6. Unnecessary use of CAPTCHAs
  7. Cross-Selling and advertising above the Fold
  8. Bad performance
  9. CI-conform Buttons
  10. Missing promotions on homepage
  11. Wrong positioning of relevant information

A first look

Where to download it

You can download the ebook from “Konversionskraft” for free.
Go to Download-Page

11 Conversion Killer and how to avoid them

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Manuel Ressel is Conversion Designer at Web Arts AG, Germany. Raising customer's emotion on e-commerce sites is his passion.

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  1. Thanks for this suggestion – I like the Konversionskraft PDF a lot as it points out interesting design/usability ideas as well!

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